Yeast infections are very common in women. What causes a yeast infection is on the mind of many women when they get reoccurring yeast infections. A vaginal yeast infection occurs when new yeast comes in contact with the vagina. The yeast starts multiplying and cause irritation in the vagina. Chemotherapy, pregnancy, and some forms of diabetes cause yeast infections. A yeast infection causes clumps of white discharge that smells. Itching, burning and soreness are symptoms of a yeast infection. A doctor would take a sample of the discharge to determine if it is a yeast infection. Antifungal medication can be prescribed to get rid of the yeast infection. What causes amale yeast infection can also include yeast infections in babies. Babies can also get yeast infections. Babies have lower immune systems and yeast infections in babies are very common. Babies bottoms are a haven for yeast, the moist area helps the yeast multiply. When a baby has a yeast infection it is best to feed the baby plain yogurt. Yogurt is natural and will kill the bacteria. Sea salt during a bath can help get rid of the yeast infection. Creams, tablets, or ointments can get rid of yeast infections. It is usually safe to buy yeast infection medication over the counter, unless you are pregnant. If you are pregnant it is best to ask your doctor for medication. What causes yeast infection treatmentin animals or dogs is a common question pet owner’s wonder. Animals and humans can pass yeast infections back and forth. It is more difficult to determine if it is a yeast infection in an animal. Animals can get yeast infections from stress and from taking medications. Inbreeding in animals is the most common cause of yeast infections. Itching in animals and licking of the genitals are the main symptoms of a yeast infection in animals.