Rattan garden furniture is made from rattan. Rattan comes from palm trees in Africa and Asia. Rattans grow to be hundreds of meters long. Most rattans come from Indonesia and the Philippines. Rattan is very easy to harvest and uses fairly basic tools. Rattan grows much faster than tropical wood. Rattan is produced to be made into Rattan furniture and into baskets. Rattan can be easily painted and decorated to make wonderful furniture. Rattan can be stained and also cut and separated into wicker. Rattan is very similar to bamboo and is also very durable.

In some countries Rattan is used as a whip for punishment and they even use it in schools to discipline the children. Outdoor rattan garden furniture is a very popular type of furniture and is sold all over the Internet. Rattan Garden Furniture can be found from American Rattan and they offer several different sets of Rattan Garden Furniture. Rattan Garden Furniture is great for the garden and it is designed to be used in all weather. Since it is so durable, it can with stain the rain and winter. There are over one hundred species of Rattan, but only twenty of them can be used for furniture. The Rainforest People are the finest Rattan harvesters in the world. They remove the sap to promote flexibility. rattan garden furniture saleis very stylish and universal with many furniture decors. Rattan furniture is very comfortable and reasonable in price. New laws have been recently implemented to limit the amount of Rattan that can be cut. The early harvesting of Rattan is damaging the rainforests. Rattan is a very good product for the environment. Rattan Garden Furniture is very popular for people on a budget that are eco-friendly. Rattan Garden Furniture is also great for people with allergies because it is made from natural materials.