Kidney Stones includes the symptoms, treatment and prevention of kidney stones. Kidney Stones are a small substance that forms together to make a solid mass. There can be just one kidney stone, or there can be several kidney stones present. Dehydration can cause kidney stones. Typically when a person gets kidney stones, they often reoccur several times. Kidney stones are hereditary and people of all ages can get them. There are many different types of kidney stones, but the most common kidney stone is Calcium stones. Calcium stones often reoccur and are more common in men. The main symptom of kidney stones is severe pain in the stomach and the side. Chills, fever, nausea are all symptoms of kidney stones causes An analysis is done to detect the stones in the urine. Doctors generally prescribe painkillers to get rid of the intense pain from the kidney stones. Depending on how large the kidney stone is, it may require hospitalization, however more commonly the stones can be passed at home. When trying to pass a kidney stone, drinking at least ten glasses of water is mandatory to get rid of the stones and drinking more water will decrease the chances of getting kidney stones again. If a person isn’t drinking enough water, a mass will be created and block the path for the urine to be released in the bladder. Doctors may suggest making changes in the diet of the individual, depending on how severe the kidney stones are. kidney stones treatment can occur in anyone and once a person has gotten a kidney stone, they will never forget the great pain that is caused from the kidney stone. It is best to visit a doctor regularly and get frequent check-ups to remain in the best health.