Express Furniture is the fourth largest company that rents furniture in the country. Express Rental Furniture was established in 1985. The have businesses in eight markets over the West Coast. Express Rental Furniture opened its second market in Phoenix, Arizona in 2003. They decided to become the only furniture company that uses all of their resources on servicing the Temporary Housing Industry. The Phoenix store opening went very well and Express Furniture has been opening a new market every year since opening the first Phoenix market. Express Furniture opened the Portland, Oregon market in 2004 and proceeded to open new markets all over the West Coast. At the beginning of 2008, Express Furniture moved into a new warehouse in Fresno, California. Express Furniture offers many different collections of Furniture. Some of the furniture collections are Bellagio, Knollwood, Charleston, Contempo, Brentwood, Four Seasons, Malibu, Sheridan, Tustin, Graduate, Bella Dusk and Naples. Express Furniture offers the sets of furniture in a package, living room collection, dining room collections and a bedroom set. Express Furniture also sells artwork, lamps, upholstery and they have a clearance center. Express Furniture has distribution centers on the West Coast and they do service other areas such as Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Atlanta, GA, Boise, ID, Spokane, WA, Denver, CO, Eugene, OR, and Flagstaff, AZ. Express Furniture specializes in being the best because they are fast, easy and very affordable. Express Furniture has a guaranteed 48-hour delivery time. They always do deliveries and pick-ups on time. Express Furniture is Management-owned, they do not provide corporate housing, they do not have showrooms and they have been in business over twenty-five years. Express Furniture is located on Facebook and they are LinkedIn. They specialize in getting customers what they want and getting it there fast.