Diabetes UK is an organization that funds research and helps people with diabetes. There are over 150,000 members of Diabetes UK. Over 2.8 million people in the UK currently are diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that causes high blood pressure because the body does not provide enough insulin. High blood sugar can cause frequent urination and make the diabetic very thirsty. There are three different types of diabetes. They are Type Two Diabetes ,Type One Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. Gestational Diabetes is diabetes during pregnancy. Type One and Two are chronic conditions that are life-long. diabetic uk says that a lot of people with diabetes exercise very little. Type Two Diabetes is avoidable if a healthy lifestyle is implemented. Blood sugar has to be monitored closely with diabetes, or it could turn deadly. Diabetes is being studied closely to see if their will ever be a cure for diabetes. Organizations like Diabetes UK help raise money for families that have children with diabetes and adults with diabetes. The number of people with diabetes is growing every year in the UK. Diabetes UK is funded from the government and grants. Diabetes is four times more common than cancer and has less organizations helping. Taking care of children with diabetes can get to be very expensive and signs of diabetes can help greatly. Seventy people a week have to have a foot amputated in the UK due to diabetes. Diabetes is becoming an epidemic that needs as help as possible. Awareness of diabetes should be out there, so people will know that diabetes is preventable. Maintaining a healthy weight, exercise and regular health check-ups can prevent diabetes. Diabetes UK offers support groups for diabetics to talk with each and support each other through diabetes. Diabetes does not have to mean that life is over, but help is out there.