Acid reflux occurs when acids from the stomach are able to get through the valve in the stomach called lower esophageal sphincter. The acids can go through the esophagus if the valve does not close all the way. The acids cause heartburn and sometimes the acids can even be felt in the back of the throat. What you should know about acid reflux symptoms is that things like being obese, smoking, spicy foods and eating too close to bedtime can cause heartburn and acid reflux. A hiatal hernia can cause acid reflux disease. A doctor can diagnose acid reflux disease. The doctor can check for ulcers, make sure the esophagus is working properly and check the pH in the esophagus. Symptoms of acid reflux are burning in the throat, vomiting from acid in throat, burning in chest, feeling of food in the throat and burping. What you should know about acid reflux curesis that acid reflux can be very uncomfortable, but can be cured with proper treatment. A change of diet can help acid reflux immensely. Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of eating right before bedtime. Exercising, losing weight and being healthy can get rid of acid reflux. There are over the counter medications that also help with acid reflux such as Tums. What you should know about acid reflux medicationis that lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, naps sitting upright in a chair and raising your head six inches while sleeping can help stop acid reflux. If none of these things help with acid reflux, the doctor may recommend surgery. The procedure is called fundoplication, which is an artificial valve put in the stomach to prevent acids from get into the throat and causing acid reflux. Always speak to the doctor before trying medications without his consent.